I’m NOT a party planner. In the slightest … which is sort of unfortunate because I see all sorts of cute ideas and think how fun it would be (until I actually attempt it and realize how stressful it is instead). Perhaps someday I’ll get a hang of this party stuff, but in the meantime my kiddos do not get a yearly birthday party. This year was Shaylie’s turn for a party and we decided on a Luau theme — super original? Nope. But super simple and fun? Sure thang.

With lots of little guests and several big ones (thanks to visiting sisters that saved the day) we pulled off a fun evening for Shaylie and her friends.

Here is the super simple invitation we sent out. I felt guilty that the picture wasn’t that great. It was very much a last-minute thing in the backyard with blah lighting and a small spot w/o toys, trashcans or houses. As a photog mom I felt like it was a crime –  like I should have done the pic justice and taken her to the sandy beaches of the fishing area south of us to get an authentic luau-ish pic. Oh well :D

These pictures are going to be madly out of order. I don’t have the energy to arrange them tonight :) So here are the party favors, otter pops and a homemade tag. Sweet.

Did I mention the pictures would be out of order? uh. yeah. Here is the present opening — my ever-expressive daughter LOVED all of her gifts. She recieved Barbies and bubbles and books and bath stuff and lip gloss and crafts and all things Shaylie :)(Tricia, please notice the first pic, that expression was from yOUr gift ;)

Me and my sisters! I was SO GLAD that Alyssa and Chelsee were in town for this :) THey were a HUGE help so I could take pictures and still enjoy the evening. Plus when the party was over I got to sit back and hang out with my sisters — a total rare moment since I haven’t seen Chelsee for two years (and probably won’t see her for 2-3 more!)

Shaylie was SO EXCITED that it was her bday that she woke up really early. And of course she wanted to open a present right away :) Luckily Tru wanted her to open his present right away so I let her go for  it. Tru gave her nail polish and nail stickers (glow in the dark!) and Marilee gave her a tube of pure sparkle lip gloss. Shaylie was in heaven. So after her bday breakfast of waffles with strawberries on top we all sat around and did manicures and pedicures (poor Tru!)

Here are the fruit kabobs we made and the super adorable flamingo straws. Really, I love them.

During the party we did the limbo (of course!) and had to limbo like different animals, then we did a sand bucket toss where they had to use a shovel to try to toss a beanbag into a sandpail.

Here is my slave Alyssa helping me make the hula skirts. She always seems to visit when I have some crazy thing going on so she always ends up saving the day by helping a ton :)

Shaylie chose Rainbow sherbert and Cookie Dough (where is the CHOCOLATE Shay?!) for her birthday dessert. And I was super glad because I’m TERRIBLE at cupcakes or cake.

During the summer I watch our neighbors daughter while she is at work. The daughter is nine and she LOVES and ADORES Marilee. She always asks me to take their picture — near impossible with Marilee — so she was So excited to get this candid of her and Marilee. She told me I should blog it and write “Best Friends Forever” in the blog post.\

Here are a few of her guests, Cousin Faith, neighbor Isabella and Jackie her friend from church.

Here are the kiddos playing pin the flower on the hula girl. And the rest of her guests, Cousin Sophie and our neighbors Ayden and Gracie.

I’m super sad that Shaylie wiggled into dappled light for this picture .. .but not sad enough that I won’t post it :)

And oh my holy heavens is this not the cutest pic of Tru?!

All in all it was exhuasting for me but super fun for Shaylie and her guests :) It really was a lot of fun … and I’m already thinking ahead to Truman’s first friend party next March … because pre-planning is the key to success ;)


5 Responses to The Birthday Party

  1. I’m with you on the thousands of cute party ideas I find, none of which I ever want to execute. Isn’t that the whole point of Pinterest? The whole party looked adorable! I love the otter-pop as favors idea. And your kids are so gorgeous, I loved all the pictures.

  2. Emily says:

    I laughed outloud about thinking of cute ideas and then realizing how stressful they are. Story of my life! Though I’m not sure I believe you because this party is uh-mazing! I think it’s so cute that Shaylie is all girl. And you did a fabulous job on the party!

  3. Laura says:

    super cute pix! I agree that is a great pic of studly Tru :) The one of the 3 sisters turned out cute too! they’re just all cute hah Faith had so much fun at the party! What ya talkin about, parties aren’t stressful. hahah jk They totally are, but I thrive on it all! :)

  4. Alice-Anne says:

    great job on the party! I’m with you…I can’t handle during a big party every year (this is our off year). It looks like she was in heaven…

  5. I just wanted to tell you I can’t beleve how your camera shotos like a little piece of magic dusk and your picture will always get loved and you will never be bad at taking of pictures.your 100 percet very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!
    your friend

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